What’s happening at Cortland Preschool?

What’s happening at Cortland Preschool?

Excellent question.

Our biggest news of late is getting onto the Zoning Board of Appeals agenda…we will be going before the Board of Appeals on Friday, September 17 to ask for a variance.  What’s that mean?  Well, according to City of Chicago Zoning Code, a business of our type needs to provide one on-site parking space per three employees.

But Amy, you say with confusion, you live next door?  And Nicole does not have a license?  And there is no room on the lot for parking anyway?

All valid points, my friends.  Which is why we need a variance.  It is sort of a delicate and tedious ballet of paperwork, trips to City Hall, and aggravation.

But we’ll get there!

If all goes well, the next step will be to fundraise like crazy and then start construction!  That is the really exciting stuff!

Thanks to all for your continued support–we couldn’t do it without a vast web of amazing people giving their time, talent and resources to get us off the ground!

Love to all!