Ode to Seuss

Opposites, syllables, playful language, metaphor…Seuss continues to delight us just as much as when we were small.

Wacky Wednesday was so much fun we did it more than once, ensuring that all classrooms had a chance to try on “wacky” for a day…the Ministry of Silly Walks was explored, lunch was eaten UNDER the tables, shoes and slippers climbed the walls, and children painted pictures with their feet!

Oh, what fun we had! We still ask regularly, “Do you like my hat?” and then segue into the “bit” from Go, Dog. Go!

Many more than ten books were read, bookmarks are headed home this week featuring your child “wearing” the reading hat. The Truffula Tree forest was sent home in pieces with the 5-day class, and Who-ville on the dust mote is being turned into a “traveling take-home book.”

Thanks for a fun-filled, wacky and educational month!