Book Club, #6 RECAP

Book Club, #6 RECAP

The theme of November’s book club was “favorite non-fiction picture books”–we had a great session of sharing, eating, and just talking as a community. Books shared included:
Henri’s Scissors
N.C. Wyeth’s Pilgrims
Bedtime Math
Sesame Street–We’re Different, We’re the Same

Conversation generated lots of topics, including:
–the book Mathterpieces
–the game Zingo and the Zingo time telling version
–the fun film, Hotel Transylvania 2

YouTube resources (search on youtube and find all of these):
–Hexaflexagons and soooo much more in a great YouTube math series by Vi Hart
–DVD Celestial Navigations by stop motion animator, Al Jarnow
–Peep and the Big Wide World
–Daniel Tiger
–Cosmic Kids Yoga

And questions regarding:
–Chicago charter schools–does anyone out there have info / insight to share?
–intrinsic motivation–what is it, how do we reinforce it, why is it important, good article here15193582_1181006748643595_2118724537943247730_n

We are currently taking ideas for our next book club meet, please share if you’ve got one!