Cortland Teachers Share Links

From Parent / Teacher Conferences–parents asked for articles covering these topics, and Cortland teachers have delivered some great answers.

“Rough-housing”: (Ms. Shanel)

“Perfectionism / needing things to be just so”:
and (Mrs. Alexa)

“Exclusionary play / leaving others out / failure to connect or make friends with others at playground”:…/d…/friends/when-kids-feel-left-out/
(Ms. Nicole)

Parents wanted information regarding, “using polite manners at home and in public.” (Ms. Rebecca)

“Preparing for / dealing with new sibling”:
(Ms. Karen)
Ms. Karen also says, “Ask me for a printed list of books in the Cortland library that speak to this as well.”

If there are any additional article topics you are looking for, please ask any Cortland teacher for advice and resources—keep in mind, we have an excellent lending library for Cortland families, and are happy to search for a title that best suits the need. Hugs to all and thanks for a great autumn full of social / emotional and physical growth, development and achievement!